DBE to press ahead with implementation of teacher improvement plan for mathematics

The Department of Basic Education will proceed with the implementation of the teacher development plan aimed at boosting performance in the senior phase.In recent years the performance of learners in Mathematics and levels of competency of Mathematics teachers in South Africa in Primary Schools has been under scrutiny. The recent Task Team that was appointed by the Minister of Basic Education to investigate challenges that hamper performance in Mathematics, Science and Technology (MST) revealed that “MST educator capacity has been found to be wanting at all levels” and made the following recommendation:

 In this regard, it is recommended that the DBE:

  • Plans and implements a rigorous national MST teacher development programme. The programmes should focus on improving mastery of MST curriculum content and instructional management. The programme should make use of appropriate and effective training interventions and techniques.
  • Moves to improve subject advisory services by strengthening district capacity, resources and training. Coaching and mentoring should be made effective by: focussing more on subject support than on administration and prioritising classroom based support, coaching and mentoring. (Ministerial Task Team Draft Report, 2013).

The ‘1+4 Model’ is based on and supports the concept of the Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) which the Minister of Basic Education, Mrs Motshekga, launched on 07 August 2014. The added benefit of the ‘1+4 Model’ is that teachers meet on pre-determined working day. This methodology works on the assumption that teachers need assistance with the entire curriculum and not just certain sections of the curriculum which they presumably have difficulties teaching. We need to be extremely RADICAL and do the out of the normal in our determination to “SAVE OUR CHILDREN”.Read more

Source: http://www.education.gov.za


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