SAARMSTE Conference 2015 TUESDAY 13 – FRIDAY 16 JANUARY 2015 Maputo, Mozambique

Southern African  Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education  annual Conferences are open to anyone involved and interested in research in mathematics, science and technology education. New researchers are particularly welcome. All stages of education are included,and there will be strands for early childhood development, primary education, secondary education and tertiary education.



Maputo, Mozambique

Conference venue:  Centro de Conferências das TDM, prolongamento da Av. Kim II Sung, Maputo

(TDM = Telecomunicações de Moçambique)



Mathematics, Science and Technology Education for Empowerment and EquityIn this conference we will continue to build on SAARMSTE’s strengths in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education research. We also hope to promoteinteractive research in MSTE in accordance with the theme.While looking for connections across subjects and research areas, we also hope to build on strands in previous conferences. We therefore invite papers to address the following strands:

  • Curriculum and assessment reform and evaluation in MSTE
  • Equity, access and quality in MSTE· Language and MSTE
  • MSTE and early childhood development.
  • MSTE in primary, secondary and tertiary education
  • Promising practices in teaching and learning MST
  • Research policy and practice in MSTE
  • Teacher education and continuous professional development in MSTE

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