Workshop announcement – Technology in Education

A 3-day workshop on Technology in Education will be presented by EdTech4Learn on 16-18 November 2009.

The title is:  Technology in Education: Transforming the perspective. The presenters are Prof Aaron Doering & Prof Charles Miller (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, VSA).

Important Sub themes will be:

1. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Overview, Self-Assessment Activities & Discussion, Journaling Assessment Tools
2. Web 2.5 Technologies: Moving Beyond the Blog and Wiki, Technology Exploration & Case-Based Activities
3. Learning Geography through Geospatial Technologies Overview
4. GeoThentic Demonstration, Registration, Participant Activities
5. Adventure Learning 2.0 Overview, Activity & Discussion
6. Design-Based Research Activity: User-Driven Adventure Learning
7. E(arth)ducation: Exploring the World of Education for Sustainable Development

A short word from the presenters.

Over the course of this 3-day workshop we will collaborate on investigating and discussing opportunities for transformation in the many ways technology is used in online education. In addition, we will follow a contemporary role-based framework when discussing the design and integration process, intended to encourage innovation and creativity in the instructional design field.  Beyond that, you will learn to become a better instructional designer and researcher through discussion, design, development, exploration, research, and simply…collaboration.

For more information or registration contact  Magdel Kamffer.  Registration ends 10 November.


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