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Recently the Faculty of Education Sciences was privileged to obtain the services of Prof. Connie Moloi, the new Director of the School of Education at the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus).  Her fields of expertise are in schools as learning organisations, educational leadership and change management.

She has taken quite a road to get to us.  Prof.  Moloi is an indigene of Krugersdorp who completed her high school career in Rustenburg. She completed her teaching course at the Wilberforce Training Institute in Everton.  Her first teaching post was in Everton at a primary school in 1973, after which she taught at high schools until 1984.  She lectured at the Vista University for one year and following this, she was the principal of Mojala-thuto Primary School in Small Farms for approximately ten years.  She accepted a post at the former Rand Afrikaans University in 1997 where she focused on education management, education leadership, strategic management and schools as learning organisations.  Amongst other things, she was the Head of Department of Education Management and was seconded to the Department of Student Matters.

In-between all her tasks as teacher and lecturer, she also obtained her qualifications BA (Unisa – 1982), B.Ed (Wits – 1984), B.Ed (Unisa – 1990), Master’s degree F.Ed (RAU – 1994), Doctor’s degree (RAU – 1999) and a Master’s degree in Human Resources (UJ – 2006).

Prof. Moloi worked along with several international researchers such as Prof. Tony Bush of the University of Lincoln in England and Prof. Petros Pashiardis of the Open University in Siprus.  She also published articles in national and international books, professional journals as well as a book titled “The school as a learning organisation: Reconceptualising school practices in South Africa.”

Prof. Moloi dedicates a large part of her life to motivate learners and teachers.  She says her aim in the new post at the NWU is to become closely involved in the training of teachers so that they can take good qualities back to the schools and learners. She will mainly work with Honours students.  “If a teacher’s work is successful, the learners are successful and this success flows over to the community.”

She has three children and is a proud grandmother of five grandchildren.

Prof. Connie Moloi
Prof. Connie Moloi

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